novomind iSHOP REST API

Beginning with iSHOP release 44, the REST APIs are deemed deprecated in favor of the new GraphQL APIs, but they will continue to be maintained.

Using the Shop REST API, you can access the following shop content:

  • Categories
  • Products, SKUs and Product Attributes
  • Full-text Search
  • Recommendations
  • Content

For an overview of the API open the API Console.

The API is based on the principles of REST and HATEOAS.

  • HATEOAS How hateoas is integrated into the novomind iSHOP API.
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication against the REST API.
  • Pagination How pagination is handled in the API.
  • Security Information about accessing restricted resources.
  • User Agent How to deliver content based on the user agent.
  • Search Products How to use the search api to find products.
  • Recommendations The service to access the novomind iSHOP recommendations.
  • API Console The API Console shows all available requests and their parameters.