On this site, related information about interfaces, novomind iAGENT breaking changes and adaptions of third party software will be announced. The latest entry is always on top.

Because of technical restrictions and the fact that the development on the Internet Explorer 11 has been stopped some time ago, we also have to stop supporting the deprecated browser. Internet Explorer 11 does not support some modern web technologies, which iAGENT has to use to offer the users a great user experience (e.g. Flow Designer does not work at all on IE11).

And another thing that nearly reached the end of life is our iLink App. The support ends on 28th of February 2022. If you have the iLink App running, please consider replacing the app with our Call Connector app to enable rich telephony features within novomind iAGENT.

March 2021: New V.12 Release and Breaking Changes to Public API

At the begin of May 2021 the new version 12 is released. The V.12 release provides new public api features but also some breaking changes to existing public api. Any apps using the affected public api must be adapted before being used in the V.12 release. For more detailed information about the breaking changes please refer to the change notes Further notice: With the Release of iAGENT 12, Chat frontends that directly communicate with the deprecated iAGENT Chat JSP File and thus don't use the Chat REST API will not be supported any more.

December 2020: Facebook Messenger limits media file transfer

We have been informed that as of 16th of December 2020 no other media types but images and text can be sent to facebook messenger business accounts. So videos as well as audio files will be blocked since then. As reason facebook stated "... our efforts to comply with new privacy rules in Europe".

For details see:

August 2020: End of Support of legacy Facebook connectors and bridges in August 2021

As of end of August 2021, the legacy Facebook connectors and local bridges will be deprecated and not supported any more. Please update to the new Facebook Apps in the beginning of 2021: For Facebook posts through the novomind Social Media Gateway and for Facebook private messages through the novomind messaging API. Please contact our support for further information.

August 2020: Cross Domain usage of the novomind iAGENT Help REST API

If the REST API and the associated front-end are operated under different domains, browsers such as Safari and Chrome restrict the use of third-party cookies required for session management. If the cookies are blocked, novomind iAGENT Help is no longer able to conduct a dialog, since each question generates a new dialog. The effects are also noticeable in reporting and license utilization.

Safari completely blocks third-party cookies from version 13.4 (iOS, iPadOS) and 13.1 (macOS) onwards. To ensure that dialogs are still possible, the frontend and the REST API must be operated under the same domain. This can be done, for example, by forwarding the API requests in the web server.

Chrome has also implemented a change in the third party cookies in version 84, so that these are blocked by default. However, this default can be overridden by setting the SameSite attribute on the cookie. Other browsers such as Firefox and Edge will adopt this behavior in the future. A change of the default is possible by adding the CookieProcessor in the server_nmIQ.xml. After the change a restart of the installation is necessary.

<Context cookies="true" crossContext="false" docBase="nmIQ" path="/nmIQ" reloadable="false" sessionCookiePathUsesTrailingSlash="true">
<CookieProcessor sameSiteCookies="none"/>

Further information about the browser-changes:

February 2020: Facebook Messenger 24h limit is coming

As of end of February 2020, the 24 hours answer limit will be introduced for Facebook Messenger - as you might know it from the WhatsApp Messenger already. So please be aware of the new limit and prepare your service level definitions accordingly - to not exceed the limit! Otherwise you cannot send a reply on this specific message any more.

See official Facebook developer documentation for details.