novomind iSHOP

This section provides technical information for the novomind iSHOP APIs and Plugins.

To give you an overview, this pictures show two possible architectures for a novomind iSHOP system centered around APIs.



iSHOP uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate against its APIs.


The Shop API is the ideal interface to create a (progressive web) app that needs to access the resources of the novomind iSHOP:

  • Categories
  • Products, SKUs and Product Attributes
  • Fulltext Search
  • Recommendations
  • Content

Cart API (GraphQL)

For a (progressive web) app you might also want to integrate the cart API. It handles a user session with a shopping cart. It also provides access to the powerful novomind iSHOP Promotion Engine.

Management API (GraphQL)

The management API (Alpha!) gives you access to the backoffice backend functionalities for creating and changing settings, search engine parameters, content creation and so on. It is in an early stage as of Release 40.


The functionality of a novomind iSHOP can be extended with plugins. Plugins are basically jar files deployed in conjunction with the web application.

The development of Plugins are deprecated as of Release 41, instead we recommend developing standalone Apps utilizing the iSHOP APIs.

They may use all of the services a shop offers directly. Technically these services are injected by using the spring framework. The plugin may also define proprietary services that are used internally.

Plugins may also contain jsp snippets embedded in the shops frontend.

You can find a detailed technical description of plugins in the overview.

Read the getting started guide and start coding your first novomind iSHOP plugin right now!