novomind iSHOP

Best of both worlds: novomind iSHOP is the future-proof enterprise solution for high-growth online shops and an outstanding customer experience. Companies significantly reduce their time to market in high-load omnichannel commerce with the largest out-of-the-box feature set. novomind iSHOP can be individually adapted and is ready to go for headless and composable architectures.

This section offers technical details on the novomind iSHOP APIs designed for composable commerce scenarios.



Starting from iSHOP release 44, the new GraphQL APIs have become the default choice for implementing headless frontends.


The novomind iSHOP Order Management System (OMS) provides a distinct set of REST APIs to handle orders and customer information and to integrate into the backend world for your eCommerce project.


The Shop REST API is a REST-based system utilized by iSHOP Android and iOS applications, as well as certain POS terminals and independent web apps.

Beginning with iSHOP release 44, the REST APIs are deemed deprecated in favor of the new GraphQL APIs, but they will continue to be maintained.

With the API, you can access the following shop content:

  • Categories
  • Products, SKUs and Product Attributes
  • Fulltext Search
  • Recommendations
  • Content