The iPIM Supply REST APIs are mostly based on the principles of hateoas. The idea is that each returned resource also contains links to resources somehow related to the current resource. A catalog attribute mapping, for instance, does not return all related cleansing rules but links to related cleansing rules.

Here an example catalog attribute mapping:

  "ipimSupplyAttribute": {
    "group": null,
    "identifier": "ITEM_NAME",
    "description": "ITEM_NAME (ITEM_NAME)",
    "value": null
  "attributeType": "lokalisierte Zeichenkette",
  "id": "612e9728cac55221f8e4855a",
  "supplierAttribute": [
  "config": {
    "attributes": [
        "attribute": "ShortDescription",
        "language": "en_GB"
        "attribute": "FARBE",
        "language": "de_DE"
  "_links": {
    "cleansingRules": {
      "href": "/api/catalogs/612e9728cac55221f8e48556/transformation/attribute-mappings/612e9728cac55221f8e4855a/cleansers.json"
    "validationRules": {
      "href": "/api/catalogs/612e9728cac55221f8e48556/transformation/attribute-mappings/612e9728cac55221f8e4855a/validators.json"
    "self": {
      "href": "/api/catalogs/612e9728cac55221f8e48556/transformation/attribute-mappings/612e9728cac55221f8e4855a.json"