Within the iSHOP, there is no persistency for orders or customer data. If there is no ERP system with realtime access to this objects, the novomind iSHOP OMS module will help.

This order management system offers additional functionalities for data storage for the entities Order, Shipment and Customer, as well as a modern web interface for searching and editing this data. In particular, the order and shipment status of an order and all customer data can be edited. It is also possible to create shipments and returns via the interface.

The optional iSHOP Service "Customer Service" (formerly iCUSTOMER) was responsible for the persistence of customer data in the past and has been integrated as a component into the iSHOP OMS.

The iSHOP OMS Module is fully multi tenant capable and has additional functionalities for B2B (Units, rights and roles for customers).

There are two APIs, basically the OMS part concerning orders and the Customer Service part concerning customers.

To access the API documentation for a concrete installation, try this: