since v10.0.34

The extension point MenuItemProvider is a java interface that you can implement to provide custom menu items for the novomind iAGENT Supervisor frontend.

Your plugin has to return a list of SubMenuItem instances. The SubMenuItem contains at least a name. It will be displayed as a sub menu item in the iAGENT Supervisor frontend. You can set different options in a float API manner. These Options are:

  • URL: This URL will be called when the user clicks on the menu item. It has to refer to a custom JSF xhtml file. The path needs to be specified as an absolute path inside the META-INF/includes directory of your plugin jar file.

  • Opened: The menu item can be set to be open. In this case the menu item will be open when the user navigates to the respective parent menu. Its submenus will be visible as well.

  • Sub menu items: A menu item can be parent to sub menu items.