novomind iAGENT Chat

In this section you can find a description for the novomind iAGENT Chat REST API.


If you consider creating an external app that needs access to the resources of a novomind iAGENT Chat installation you will want to use the novomind iAGENT Chat REST API. This API requires an installation of the novomind iAGENT Chat feature on the novomind iAGENT system and an additional novomind iAGENT Chat REST API endpoint.

Involved servers

This picture shows the involved servers when using the iAGENT Chat REST API:


Instead of polling the REST API for changes it is recommended to use a Websocket connection to instantly receive events for a chat.
Just change the schema of the changes url to "wss" and append the token as query parameter.


Use either polling or a websocket connection not both at the same time. Events are just transferred once.