Getting started

Follow these descriptions to create a simple hello world app in 4 simple steps:

0. Before you start

... make sure that

  • you have java 11 installed
  • your favourite java IDE is ready
  • you have access to the novomind iAGENT public API.

1. Create a new app

To get started right away you can use one of our hello world apps as a starting point for your own app development.

Check out the Hello World Supervisor Top Header App, the Hello World Core X-Header App or the Hello World Common Mailinfo Tab App. The hello world apps use Gradle as build tool which is included via the gradle wrapper. Simply change to the root directory of the project and type gradlew build or gradlew.bat build on windows. You will then find the app container in the build/libs directory.

You are free to use your favorite build tool and project layout. Please make sure you stick to the packaging rules.

2. Start programming!

Start implementing novomind iAGENT extension points. The hello world apps make use of the TopHeaderContentProvider and the TemplateMessageManipulator.

Check out the chapters of the extension points section to see which extension points are available in novomind iAGENT.

3. Adjust the manifest

Your app container needs to contain the mandatory manifest file. The manifest contains the metadata for your app and will be displayed in the novomind app store and the novomind iAGENT Supervisor.

4. Deploy

When you have finished programming and have adjusted the manifest file, you are ready to package and deploy the new app to a novomind iAGENT installation. To deploy simply upload the app via the novomind iAGENT Supervisor or copy the app to the <novomind iAGENT>/apps/ directory of your novomind iAGENT installation.