A plugin is an extension for an existing shop. Plugins offer additional useful features.

You should be familiar with

  • Java

  • the Spring framework, as the plugin will run in a Spring context

  • JSP and other web technologies, in case you want to offer a frontend

Getting started

If you want to start programming a plugin right now, refer to the getting started guide.


  • Configurer About the plugin's main entry point.

  • View Snippets About how a plugin can integrate frontend code.

  • Configuration About necessary plugin configuration and how plugins are managed in the backoffice.

  • TagLib About how to access data in the view snippets.

  • Storage About how a plugin can store data.

  • Events About how a plugin registers for events.

  • Spring About how a plugin can benefit from Spring's features.

  • HowTo About small snippets for common tasks.