since v12.0

The extension point SupervisorMessageFilterMenuItemProvider is a java interface that you can implement to display a custom menu linked to a view of filtered messages in the novomind iAGENT Supervisor frontend.

Your plugin has to return a SupervisorBacklogMessageFilterMenuItem or a SupervisorOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem. The SupervisorBacklogMessageFilterMenuItem or SupervisorOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem contains at least a name. It will be displayed as a sub menu item in the iAGENT Supervisor frontend. You can set different options in a float API manner. These Options are:

  • displayName: The menu will be displayed using the alternative displayName instead of the name.

  • filter: The messages shown in the list view linked to the menu item can be filtered by applying a filter Predicate.

  • Sub menu items: A menu item can be parent to sub menu items.