novomind iSHOP GraphQL APIs

"GraphQL is an open spec for a flexible API layer. Put GraphQL over your existing backends to build products faster than ever before." (

Our GraphQL implementation provides:

  • Methods to augment an existing iSHOP with new functionality.
  • A means for external clients, such as headless frontends, to access an existing iSHOP.

novomind iSHOP has two main API endpoints.

Shop API

Since iSHOP 44

The GraphQL-based Shop API provides queries for data retrieval and mutations for data modification, all while communicating with a single endpoint. This includes comprehensive management of customer and order data, shopping carts and wishlists, payment and promotion processing, as well as querying product data, category data, and maintained shop parameters.

These functions are delivered by various microservices, which are combined into a supergraph. The endpoint for this supergraph is an Apollo Server with gateway functionalities, allowing the creation of a single GraphQL request that utilizes these microservices. The gateway is secured by OAuth 2.0. All requests must be made with a valid JSON Web Token, which must be obtained from an Authentication Service endpoint beforehand.

The following pages detail all the essential information for using the Shop API and guide you through functions that may not be self-explanatory:

Management API

Since iSHOP 43

The Management API serves as the primary API for the novomind iSHOP Backoffice, a tool designed for content creation and management, configuration, search settings, and more. This API enables access to backend functionalities for your ERP system or an administrative web application. One example use case is generating new voucher codes for your brick-and-mortar store checkout.

Service APIs

Some microservices offer their own APIs. While these are not directly accessible for headless frontends, they can be utilized within the backend.