Interface AgentTicketAnsweredEvent

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Event, IncomingMessageInfo, MessageInfo, OutgoingMessageInfo, TicketAnsweredEvent, TicketEvent, TicketProvider, TicketRoutingInfo, TicketStateChangedEvent, UserProvider, UserTicketEvent

    public interface AgentTicketAnsweredEvent
    extends TicketAnsweredEvent, UserTicketEvent

    This event is triggered when a ticket has been answered by an agent and now is waiting to be sent to the customer in the next step. At this time the ticket usually is not closed yet. The ticket will be closed when the message has been sent successfully by the novomind iAGENT core process and if the message is the final answer to the customer and not an intermediate reply only. (In case of an automatic intermediate reply the state of the ticket does not change) To take any action when the message has been sent successfully please refer to the MessageSentEventListener Please note that a AgentTicketAnsweredEvent may be triggered more than once. In case of subsequent intermediate replies or in case of a required clearance the agent may apply changes to the message and send the modified message again.

    • Method Detail

      • isIntermediateReply

        boolean isIntermediateReply()
        The method indicates if the answer sent by the agent is an intermediate reply.
        true if the message is an intermediate reply, otherwise false
      • getSendingUser

        default java.util.Optional<User> getSendingUser()
        Specified by:
        getSendingUser in interface OutgoingMessageInfo
        the user, that sent the message. If the sender of the message is an external address or has been sent automatically, the user will not be available.
      • isClearanceRequired

        default boolean isClearanceRequired()
        Description copied from interface: TicketAnsweredEvent
        The method indicates if the message requires a clearance before being sent to the customer.
        Specified by:
        isClearanceRequired in interface TicketAnsweredEvent
        true if a clearance is required for this message, otherwise false