Class AgentOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    MessageFilterMenuItem<OutgoingMessageInfo>, com.novomind.ecom.common.api.attribute.DisplayNamed, com.novomind.ecom.common.api.attribute.Named

    public final class AgentOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem
    extends AbstractMessageFilterMenuItem<OutgoingMessageInfo>
    This class is used to display a custom outgoing message menu in the novomind iAGENT Desk frontend. It also provides functionality to filter the entries to be displayed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AgentOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem

        public AgentOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem​(java.lang.String name)
        Constructs an AgentOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem with the given name. Please ensure to use a unique name. The name will be used to build the link to the custom view. If you would like to use a different name to be displayed in the frontend please use the AbstractMessageFilterMenuItem.setDisplayName(String) method.
        name - the unique name to identify this instance of AgentOutgoingMessageFilterMenuItem