Class DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult

  • public final class DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult
    extends java.lang.Object
    The DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult can be used to determine the handling of the delivery failure message by the novomind iAGENT system. Therefore the DeliveryFailureAction of the DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult has to be set appropriately.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult

        public DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult()
        This constructor creates a new DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult with an empty DeliveryFailureAction. If the created DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult is returned directly, the delivery failure message will be processed as defined by the configuration of the novomind iAGENT system. By setting a DeliveryFailureAction to this DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult the action that takes place in the novomind iAGENT system can be changed.
    • Method Detail

      • getDeliveryFailureAction

        public java.util.Optional<DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult.DeliveryFailureAction> getDeliveryFailureAction()
        Returns the Optional DeliveryFailureAction of this DeliveryFailureMessageReceivedResult. The DeliveryFailureAction determines the further handling of the delivery failure message by the novomind iAGENT system. By default the returned Optional is empty.
        an Optional with the delivery failure action, or an empty Optional if normal processing of the delivery failure message should take place.