Interface AgentSidebarContentProvider

  • public interface AgentSidebarContentProvider
    An AgentSidebarContentProvider is used to provide a custom AgentSidebarContent in the novomind iAGENT Desk and novomind iAGENT Chat frontend. The custom content will be loaded and displayed within an iframe. Please annotate your class implementing this interface with the MailAgentPlugin annotation.
    • Method Detail

      • getAgentSidebarContent

        AgentSidebarContent getAgentSidebarContent​(AgentSidebarViewContext agentSidebarViewContext)
        The method is called on plugins implementing this interface when an agent has logged on successfully to determine all information to display a custom sidebar within the novomind iAGENT Desk. The required information is returned through a AgentSidebarContent object. If the return value is null no sidebar will be displayed for this agent. Only one AgentSidebarContent can be displayed for an agent at the same time.
        agentSidebarViewContext - the view context provides all information for the sidebar content
        the AgentSidebarContent to be displayed.