Interface AgentEditorController

  • public interface AgentEditorController
    This interface is used to provide specific functions to be called on the currently active agent's editor for the selected message.
    • Method Detail

      • addAttachment

        Attachment addAttachment​(AttachmentDataSource dataSource)
                          throws OperationFailedException
        The function can be used to upload an attachment to the iAGENT server and add the attachment to the currently selected ticket within the agent folder. Please note, that this operation only will succeed if the agent is logged on and currently editing a ticket or quick case ticket.
        dataSource - the attachment data source to be attached to the currently edited mail in the agent's editor
        an Attachment instance of the attachment data source that has been applied to the currently edited mail of the agent
        OperationFailedException - if any error has occurred e.g. the agent is not logged on or has no ticket selected