novomind iAGENT OMS iSHOP Plugin

  • Automatic search for orders of the inbound contact in iSHOP OMS
  • Pemanent connection between the iAGENT Ticket and the iSHOP OMS order
  • Direct link to the order in the iSHOP OMS System from within the iAGENT Ticket
  • Connect your novomind products!

Version: 2.0

With this app you establish a connection between your novomind iAGENT and novomind iSHOP OMS. Significantly speed up your agents' response times to queries concerning customers' orders. With just one click, you open the automatically determined or manually searched order in the iSHOP OMS directly from the iAGENT Desk.


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This app requires a novomind iAGENT installation of version 12.0.0 or higher

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