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  • Configurable iPIM Supply Download Action to connect to an AWS S3 Bucket.
  • Configuration of AWS credentials via application properties.
  • Configuration of flexible features (such as date format) via application roperties
  • Easy configuration of the download action via the catalog in Supply, e.g. file name, download mode (oldest, newest or all files) without programming knowledge

Version: 1.0

Download Action for easy connection of an AWS S3 bucket for an iPIM Supply import adapter.
Simply include the extension in the project (e.g. via gradle), configure the AWS credentials and other features to make the download action more flexible (e.g. date format) via properties. All other settings, such as file names and download mode (oldest, newest or all files), are simply stored in the import configuration at the catalog in iPIM Supply.

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Keywords: Supply, Download, Amazon, AWS, S3

Integration: iPIM Supply Extension (Download Action)

Vendor: novomind AG


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This app requires a novomind IPIM installation of version 5.1 or higher.

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