Interface NextMessageInfo

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IncomingBindingsProvider, IntermediateStorageProvider

    public interface NextMessageInfo
    extends IntermediateStorageProvider, IncomingBindingsProvider
    This interface provides additional information during message retrieval for a MessageIterator. The NextMessageInfo object is passed to the method during iteration. This interface provides access to the IntermediateStorage. The data contained in the IntermediateStorage will be persisted automatically in the ticket storage when a ticket is created due to the retrieval of the message. The interface also provides access to the IncomingBindings object which is used to pass any transient data to other Apps or to the knowledge base. Please note that other Apps may read or write to the same IncomingBindings instance to share the contained data between each other. In the knowledge base you may access a key-value-pair of the Binding within action code by using the "get" function, e.g.: String value = get("myKey");