Tag Library

The tag library provides elements to access API related data and comes with the ishop-api project.

To use the tag library, it has to be declared in the jsp: <%@ taglib uri="http://www.novomind.com/ishop/api" prefix="api" %>


The config tag allows you to read the plugin configuration. It expects the configuration key as parameter and will give the actual configuration value.

<api:config key="twitter.enabled" var="UseTwitter" />

You will find an example on the configuration site.


The controller Tag allows you to get the url of your specific plugin. To get the url into your controller, paste the value from the @RequestMapping annotation into the resource parameter.

<api:controller var="controllerUrlVar" resource="/path/in/requestMapping" />


The modelTag allows you to access the model in your JSPs. This only works, if you have have configured the view snippet with the withModel() method.

<api:model var="model" />

See view snippets for more information.


The resourcesTag allows you to get the path to the static files in your WEB-INF resource folder. Be sure to put your files in the WEB-INF/resources/plugin/your-plugin/ folder.

<api:resource var="pluginJsUrl" resource="plugin.js" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="${pluginJsUrl}"></script>